Beginner instructions

  1. The first thing you must do is to register here: Enter a valid email address because you will need to confirm your account. Be careful when choosing a username because you will use that username in-game later and you will not be able to change it.
  2. When you register, configrm your account by following instructions in the email we sent you.
  3. Now you are successfully registered. Log in and go to Control Panel.
  4. Click on Set SteamID. Follow INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS LINK to set SteamID. You do not have to have Steam to play gather, but you must have at least a non-steam patch v42.
  5. Download Gather.RS mIRC from THIS LINK, unpack it anywhere (to your Desktop for example). Go inside the unpacked folder and run mirc.exe. mIRC will be opened and probably a small window inside which you will be able to click on Continue and right after that a window like on the following image:

In the first field enter a nick you wish to use in chat. This nick does not have to be the same as the one on the website. Keep in mind that some commonly used nicks are already in use and you will not be able to use them. It is best to pick a unique nick. For password set a password you will remember. This is NOT the password you use on the Gater.RS website and it does not ahve to be the same as the password you use on the website. Pick a password with at least 5 or more characters and pres Save. When you have done that mIRC wil automatically connect. In a span of 10 seconds it should present a message that your IRC nick is successfully registered. If not, follow the messages on mIRC, and if you have problems, contact someone for help.

  1. In Control Panel on the website click on Set IRC nick and enter the nick you chose. Normally save the changes.
  2. Download the Anti-Cheat client program exclusivelly from THIS LINK and install it. Now you have on your Desktop and in the Start menu the Gather Anti-Cheat program.
  3. Start Anti-Cheat. If it is correctly installed, it will open the program and you will see a window:

If Anti-Cheat has displayed an error, you are probably using Windows XP and you do not have .NET Framework installed. You can find it on Microsoft website, on THIS LINK. Install it and you are ready. Now Anti-Cheat has to display a window like the one above. If not, contact an admin by using the chat.

For username enter your Gather username and for password enter your Gather password. Check the "Remember me..." so you don't have to enter information every time. Click on login and after a few seconds a window will dispplay:

  1. Now you are ready to play. In mIRC-u where you are connected, type !auth, and the bot will send a message which contains: [<< Now you are authenticated as YOURNICK >>] Wait for an admin to create a match and then type !add to enter it. After adding all 10 players, you get an IP of a server and a password for you to play the match. Good luck and have fun!
read the RULES to evade being banned. In the future to play, simply open mIRC and Anti-Cheat and ou are ready!

How to play

To register you need a valid email address. You can register in two easy steps, and the process is of course free. After registering you need to set your SteamID. You do not have to have Steam to play. If you do not have Steam, we recommend downloading the non-steam patch v42 which is updated to the latest version from Steam. On this page you can find instruction on how to find your SteamID and set it up correctly on your profile. After setting the SteamID you have to set up your IRC nick. Because everything runs b using IRC, you have to register your nick on our IRC network and then set it on your profile. Instructions for this you can find on this page. Then, download and install the Anti-Cheat client which you will use for playing matches.

When you have successfully set up your profile you can download mIRC for easily tracking matches. If you do not wish to use mIRC, you can use web gather directly on our site. Upon every connection to IRC network you have to authenticate yourself by typing /identify yourpassword and then typing the !auth command. Now you are ready to play, wait for an admin to create a match and then type !add to enter it. After adding all 10 players, you get an IP of a server and a password for you to play the match. Good luck and have fun!

So to summarize:

  1. Registe on our website.
  2. Set your SteamID.
  3. Register and set your IRC nick.
  4. Download and install Anti-Cheat client.

The following steps you perform upon every connection:

  1. Click on Web Gather or connect through mIRC by using the /server -j #Gather command
  2. Identify your nick by typing the /identify yourpassword command and then type !auth
  3. Start Anti-Cheat and log in with the username and password from this website
  4. You are ready to play, wait for an admin to create a match and then type !add

Carefully read the RULES after registering so that you are informed about restricted behaviour on the website and network and to avoid getting banned.

Good luck and have fun!

Bot commands

Player commands Description
!auth Bot authentification. It works only if your nick is set on your profile and if you are identified.
!add Adds you to the existing match.
!remove Removes you from the created match
!teams Shows players that are currently added to the match.
!last Shows the time of the last match played.
!skill or !rank Shows your current skill or rank.
!ip Shows the IP address of the server on which the match will be played
!map Shows the map on which the match will be played.
Admin commands
/MSG Bot start IP PASS Starts the match on the given server using the given password.
/MSG Bot stop Stops the match.
!start IP PASS Command is used on the admin chanell. It has the same effect as the starting command.
!stop Command is used on the admin chanell. It has the same effect as the stoping command.
!maxplayers NUMBER Used on the main chanell. Determines the maximum number of players for the created match.
!newadmin NICK Used on the main chanell. Sets the admin role for the started match on the given nick.
/MSG Bot ban #username REASON DESCRIPTION Sets a ban on the given nick. Valid reasons are: afk, flame, leaver, no-show, teamkills, troublemaker.
You have to specify the number of the match the incident happened on, or else the ban will be removed and your admin status with it aswell.
Be careful with this command. If you need help, consult the admin chanell.
!map MAP Sets the map on which the match will be played.
!ip Used on the admin chanell. Shows the first available server for the match to be played on.
.rr Used in-game. Fast restart. Used when match is not LIVE.
.ready Used in-game. Used for starting the game and after this game the match is LIVE.
.ff on|off Used in-game. Toggles friendly fire.
.restart Used in-game. Used for restarting already started match.
.replace USERNAME Used in-game. Used for starting search for substitution for given player. Use only if the user is not present or if he wants to be replaced.
.cancelsub USERNAME Used in-game. Used for stoping the search for a substitution for the given user.
.stop Used in-game. Used for stoping/ending the match. Use only when one of the teams won in 16 rounds or when it is impossible to resume the match.
.teams Used in-game. Shows teams/players added to the current match.
Manager/Leader commands
!addadmin NICKNAME Sets a level 2 (Admin) to a given nickname which must be authenticated on Gather.RS.
!remadmin nickname Removes level 2. Sets back to level 1.
/MSG Bot topic topic here Sets a default channel topic.


Basic rules

  1. Every match starts with A team as Counter-Terrorists, and B team as Terrorists
  2. Admin decides if someone will be swapped or not.
  3. Admin status is FREE! Nobody will ever ask for money in exchange for getting an admin status.

Forbidden behaviour

  1. You are not allowed to insult or verbally abuse anyone.
  2. You have to be present in every match you use the !add command on and stay to the end. If you need to be replaced, ask the admin to replace you and if he refuses, you have to honor his decision.
  3. You may not post any illegal, offensive or insulting material on our webpages nor on our IRC channels.
  4. You are not allowed to discus politics.
  5. You must not be "AFK" during the game, or else you risk being temporarilly banned from playing.
  6. FriendlyFire is enabled on all matches. You are not allowed to attack your team-mates or you will be banned.
  7. You are not allowed to distract players by fighting. This includes constantly asking for a replacement.
  8. You may have only ONE account. All dupliacted accounts will be banned without previous warning.
  9. Every form of cheating (wallhack, speedhack, aimbot etc.) will momentarily be sanctioned with a PERMANENT ban of your account.
  10. The use of 16bit video setting will be sanctioned momentarily. The duration of the ban for use of the 16bit setting may vary from 15 days to being applied permanently.

How to set IRC nick

First you must register your nick on our IRC network. Connect through mIRC by typing /server -j #Gather or click on WebGather on our website.

To register type /ns register PASSWORD MAIL. Remember the password because you will be using it on every connection and it does not have to be the same as the one on our website. In Status window on WebGather or mIRC it should display something like this:

-NickServ- Nickname YOURNICK registered under your account...

YOURNICK is in fact a nick you will be using on our IRC network. If you did not receive this message, try and change the nick with the /nick SOMETHINGELSE command and repeat the process. If it still does not work, contact someone on the network for help.

Now go to the Control Panel on our site and click on "Set IRC nick". There enter your nick that you registered and save it.

From now on every time you connect to our IRC network use the /identify PASSWORD command and your nick will be yours forever.

How to set SteamID

Keeping in mind that most of the players does not have Steam, there is a universal solution for finding a SteamID.

Follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the following server:
  2. In the console type status and it will display something like this:

# name userid uniqueid frag time ping loss adr
# 1 "YOUR NICK" 3 STEAM_0:1:1234567 0 00:46 8 0
1 user

In this case SteamID would be: STEAM_0:1:1234567

  1. Inside the Control Panel click on "Set SteamID" and enter the SteamID that you got previously.
  2. Save the changes and now you have correctly set your SteamID.